Industrial Emergency Light

A functioning emergency light is required to comply with state building and fire codes, insurance standards, and even OSHA standards. The LEONIX offers cost-effective, energy efficient emergency lights to meet a variety of applications including; industrial, remote capable and wet location emergency lighting, as well as high end architectural and recessed installation.

Our newest series of LED emergency lights use ultra bright, energy-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). This configuration allows for low-voltage operation eliminating the need for a bulky sealed lead acid battery Instead, units include maintenance-free Lead Acid Maintenance free battery , making the unit much lighter and easier to install.

Your place of work may be prepared for the next power failure. Battery Powered Lights help brighten your Industry during power failure.

Features :

  • Rugged electronic control circuit.
  • More power in fumes while fire with 10WX2 nos of LED beam light(light angle 30) with individual on/off selection.
  • Advanced embedded day night control to protect lamp burning in day time with on / off selection.
  • Healthy CC/CV charger to enhance battery life.
  • 180 Lamp tilting ensures light distribution as your need with 200 feet light beam reach.
  • Rigid construction with power coated steel enclosure to withstand any atmospheric condition.
  • IP65, 1P68 models can be done on request.
  • Mostly suits for fire safety light as per international standards.
Technical Specification LED 10W X 2
Light Source LED
Features Fully Automatic Charging with Protection against Battery over Charging Cut off, Deep Discharge, Overload & Short Circuit.
Quality Suitable for Continues Industrial Usage.
Power Supply 230V +/- 10%% SCH7 AC
Charging Circuit Continues Plug in, Auto Charging Cut off Protection Provided.
Battery Life 2 Years Minimum
Output Power LED light 10W X 2 Nos ( 20 Walls )
No of L.ED Lights Lamp Heads 2 Nos. Each 10Walls
Rotation Rotatable 180 Degree bidirectional Lamp heads.
Battery type Rechargeable Lead Acid battery (Maintenance Free)
Battery Capacity 7AH
Back Up Time 3 hours of continues operation.
Mounting Wall Mount
Diffuser Acrylic / polycarbonate Diffuser
Warranty 2 Years

Dimensions :


Industrial Emergency Light - LED 10W X 2

Model No: IEL- 01

Industrial Emergency Lights (EXLITE – Industrial Series)

Features :

  • Rugged design
  • Dual 10W High power,
  • LED Lamps,
  • Day Night Protection

Application :

  • Small & Large Industries,
  • Manufacturing Factories,
  • Residential areas, Parking areas,
  • Shopping Places,
  • Fire Safety Light source