Automatic Swing Door Operators

Automatic Swing Door Systems fulfill various functions in the building: they allow comfortable and safe access, regulate the flow of people and the access to sensitive areas. In addition, they can help save energy in the building as the doors close reliably.

FAAC automatic swing door operators have been designed to facilitate transit pedestrian movement in and out of the building spaces like meeting & video conferencing rooms, cafeteria, restrooms, main entrances etc. The FAAC swing door operators are technologically advanced, both in terms of safety and energy savings. The high degree of reliability and safety that characterises all FAAC automatic swing doors is accompanied by an extensive range of accessories designed to meet the most demanding requirements, both from architectural perspective and in terms of installation.


Different Models

A 951

Key features:

  • Suitable for door leaf length between 700 mm to 1100 mm and a door leaf weight up to 100 Kgs.
  • A 951 is versatile & elegant and it occupies only 7 cm space making it easy to be installed on the lintel of the door (thanks to the fixing plate and low weight).
  • A 951 features an intelligent microprocessor controlling all the door activities in real time, with an encoder detecting its angular position in every moment. Additionally, the operating logic (automatic, manual, night, open) can be selected by means of a lateral selector.
  • Silent and very low energy consumption

950 N2

Key features:

  • Suitable for door leaf length between 700 mm to 1400 mm and a door weight up to 360 Kgs.
  • Powerful and reliable. our 950N2 automation system is able to move leaves weighing over 360 Kg in continuous use, while always maintaining absolute operational safety.
  • Selectable ANTI-WIND function ensures, that the door is closed even if there is a strong wind).
  • Silent and very low energy consumption.
  • Safe and Intelligent. A microprocessor controls all door activity in real time and a magnetic encoder continuously detects its angular position. The operating logic (automatic, manual, night, open) can also be selected via an integrated selector. The speed and force are programmed according to the dimensions of the door. If an obstacle is detected, the door re-opens immediately and as it closes, it checks, at reduced speed, that the obstacle is no longer present.
A 952

Key features:

  • Suitable for door leaf length between 700 mm to 1600 mm and a door weight up to 700 Kgs with an articulated arm and up to 800 Kgs with a sliding arm.
  • The A952 automation, compliant with EN16005, is able to move doors up to a weight of 800 Kg, in continuous use and in absolute silence. It can be installed on escape routes in compliance with EN16005 and is able to meet all the safety requirements of EN13489-1 PLD.
  • Variable ratio rack and pinion to provide constant spring compression (FAAC PATENT)
  • Variable ratio parallel shaft gears for effective and smooth movement (FAAC PATENT)
  • Compact dimensions ideal for fire and smoke vent doors
  • The housing cover is made of silver anodized aluminium.