Our Story

Briotronix was founded in 2021 by the industry veterans with the sole aim of manufacturing and distributing products that ensures the safety of the four main sinews of an organisation – the people, the data, the infrastructure and its assets.

For Briotronix, quality is not just a word but a lifestyle and means of survival and growth. With our deep engineering expertise in software and hardware, coupled with domain experience gained in the industry, we are striving hard to deliver economical safety & security products with outstanding quality.

We have a strong manufacturing team with loads of cumulative experience in life safety and security systems industry and we specialize in designing, manufacturing customised products conforming to the highest safety standards complemented with reliability and efficiency.

Our Story

Strategy & Vision

Our vision is to become the finest Indian original equipment manufacturer of top-quality products. We strive to be the supplier of choice whenever our type of products is being sought in the market.

This vision has been imbibed in all our employees’ minds and we dedicate ourselves to ensure the vision is been achieved continuously again in our journey to become one of the finest in the manufacturing industry.


Core Values and Principles

We understand that we cannot be successful unless our customers are successful. We are committed to enhancing our customer’s success with responsiveness, quality and service that sets the industry standard.

Exceeding customer expectations for value and service, building long lasting relationships and long-term satisfaction are few key ideologies that defines us and helps to identify and prioritize our responsibilities.

We understand the value of continual improvement and commitment to our most valuable asset, our people.

We will strive to be the best in every aspect of our business by utilizing our core competencies, fostering a culture of trust, teamwork and responsibility.