Automatic Vehicle Boom Barriers

FAAC automatic vehicle barriers represent the simplest and most reliable solution for managing entrances or spaces in communal condominium areas, business access areas, industrial zones, motorway tool areas or wherever the flow of vehicles needs to be regulated, or where parking solutions are required.

The automatic boom barriers are constructed for continuous use and designed to master medium to high traffic volume. Several versions are available such as electro mechanical, hydraulic and hybrid boom barriers with varying boom lengths thereby securing wide drive ways.

Different Models

B 614


B 614 - The B 614 is a newly designed barrier with increased performances aimed at meeting a wide range of requirements ranging from residential to commercial use.

Key features:

  • Maximum anti crushing safety achieved by a 24 V motor with an integrated encoder providing a high degree of motion control and allows the reverse on obstacle safety standards to be met.
  • Modern design with robust, reliable and high performance. A quadrilateral lever system with two reduction stages makes beam movement even smoother.
  • Dedicated and intuitive electronics

B 680 H – Automatic 24V Hybrid Barrier

It has been designed with a hybrid heart (brushless motor) that enables the movement of long or short beams at high speed and continuous duty cycle.


Key features:

  • The barrier with a hybrid heart together with its “everlasting “springs, allows it to exceed 2,000,000 cycles of continuous use, raising 8 m beams in less than 6 seconds in total safety.
  • The B680H has an internal load bearing structure and an external removable housing design giving the system a great stability and permits easy replacement of the housing.
  • Extreme flexibility and optimization of logistics with one single model that controls passage with a net width from 2 m to 8 m.
SECTOR II High Volume Industrial Traffic Barriers

AUTOMATIC VEHICLE BOOM BARRIERS The SECTOR II range of barriers are from Centurion systems, an award-winning manufacturer of various products like Sliding gate motors, Swing gate motors and Vehicle traffic barriers.

In 2016, Centurion systems became a member of the FAAC group worldwide and their products are now being exported to over 70 countries worldwide.

Introducing the heir to the throne of high volume vehicular access control.

With an updated look that perfectly matches its superior performance, an optimised design for the ultimate in ease of installation and boasting the awe-inspiring speed that made its predecessor king of the access control jungle, the SECTOR II is the embodiment of automation evolution.

Speed. Performance. Intelligence. The SECTOR II is the benchmark against which all others are measured.

CLAWS– Give your traffic barrier Claws – an effective deterrent for high volume access control.

AUTOMATIC VEHICLE BOOM BARRIERSDesigned to provide a compelling reason for would-be criminals to reconsider their approach. CLAWS are constructed to take a beating but never miss a beat of their own.

CLAWS are available in four different configurations:

  • Surface Mount – Direct Drive
  • Flush Mount – Direct Drive
  • Surface Mount – Independent Drive
  • Flush Mount – Independent Drive
  • The flush mount models are ideal for installation that require seamless access control for smooth flowing traffic.
  • The surface mount models are mounted above the general surface of the roadway and create a traffic calming bump, slowing down the traffic for a safer access control point.
  • The Direct Drive model utilises the SECTOR II barrier’s drive mechanism and hence has to be used in combination with the above-mentioned SECTOR II barriers.
  • The Independent Drive model has their own drive mechanisms and controllers which can be integrated with any of the barriers across the world. These are meant to work in a synchronised yet independent environment irrespective of the barrier brand or make.